This is just a home page for my presentations and publications, as well as social media links. If some link is broken, or you want more information, feel free to reach me out.


  • Phishings, perfis e aplicativos falsos: os desafios de tornar a internet mais segura – (UFSM SAINF, Online, 2020) – Representing AxurVideo
  • Defeating Anti-cheat with Hardware (DEF CON Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2019) – SlidesCode
  • ESP8266 101: baby steps (The Developer’s Conference, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2015) – Slides
  • Practical Analysis of Embedded Microcontrollers Against Clock Glitching Attacks (H2HC, São Paulo, Brazil, 2014) – Slides
  • Practical Implementation of Higher-Order Instruction Skips in Microcontrollers (Krypto-Tag, Berlin, Germany, 2014) – Slides


  • Practical Second-Order Fault Attack against a Real-World Pairing Implementation (FDTC, 2014) – Full text
  • Practical Analysis of Embedded Microcontrollers against Clock Glitching Attacks (Bachelor thesis, 2014) – Full textHDL codeARM code