This is just a home page for my presentations, public appearances and publications, as well as social media links. If some link is broken, or you want more information, feel free to reach me out.

Public appearances

  • Defeating Anti-cheat with Hardware (TDC Innovation 2021, Online, 2021) – Slides
  • CyberSeg News (Podcast, Online, 2020-2021) – Representing AxurSoundCloud
  • Phishings, perfis e aplicativos falsos: os desafios de tornar a internet mais segura (UFSM SAINF, Online, 2020) – Representing AxurVideo
  • Defeating Anti-cheat with Hardware (DEF CON Porto Alegre, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2019) – SlidesCodeDemo
  • ESP8266 101: baby steps (The Developer’s Conference, Porto Alegre, Brazil, 2015) – Slides
  • Practical Analysis of Embedded Microcontrollers Against Clock Glitching Attacks (H2HC, São Paulo, Brazil, 2014) – Slides
  • Practical Implementation of Higher-Order Instruction Skips in Microcontrollers (Krypto-Tag, Berlin, Germany, 2014) – Slides


  • Practical Second-Order Fault Attack against a Real-World Pairing Implementation (FDTC, 2014) – Full text
  • Practical Analysis of Embedded Microcontrollers against Clock Glitching Attacks (Bachelor thesis, 2014) – Full textHDL codeARM code